Our Values



At Orchardgrove we provide the highest quality childcare and education for your child. To achieve this our parents have assisted us in developing our own unique set of Aims and Objectives, Vision, Mission Statement and Values.


Aims and objectives


  • To ensure that all children, parents and staff are treated equally and with dignity and respect whatever their gender, sexual orientation, race, social class, religion, culture, ability or disability.


  • To assist children in becoming successful learners, effective contributors, responsible citizens and confident individuals. To be creative, healthy and to develop a positive attitude to life.


  • To provide broad and balanced curriculums which meet the needs of all children and which enable them to reach their potential.


  • To involve parents as much as possible as we believe that continuity of care is essential between home and nursery, especially as parents are the main influence on their children's learning and later achievements.


  • To provide an environment which is safe, attractive and happy and which allows all children to achieve and develop.


  • To assist staff to work effectively as a team and to develop their skills in order that they may best meet the needs of the children and their families.


  • To have positive and productive relationships with outside agencies and the wider community.




  • To be an extension of each child's family, in a friendly family orientated and fun environment which combines pre-school education, professional child care and parental involvement.






  • To promote each child's happiness, their ability to thrive and their parents peace of mind.






  • Equality and respect for all.


  • Promotion of children's happiness, ability to thrive, learning and development.


  • Partnership with children, parents and staff.


  • Team work and consistency


  • Self worth


  • Success for all


We are committed to continuous improvement through the development of our staff and ongoing consultation with parents, partner agencies and the wider community.