Great Oaks Room




Our Great Oaks Room caters for up to 40 children from 2 ½years to school age.

The open plan room provides flexible accommodation enabling children to enjoy a wide range of activities including physical play, ICT games, numeracy and literacy, drawing and colouring, construction, role play opportunities and creative play using a variety of materials such as sand, water and clay.

Our staff use the Curriculum for Excellence in planning and implementing activities and educational experiences for the children.

For children in their pre-school year the emphasis is on preparing them for starting primary school. Our staff and teacher work with the children and their parents to ensure that each child is confident and happy in making the transition from nursery to primary one.

The ratio of staff to children in this room is 1 member of staff for every 8 children over 3 years old. In addition the children also benefit from being taught by a fully qualified primary school teacher who has been allocated to our nursery under the Partnership Agreement which we have with Renfrewshire Council.